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St. Genny – A Blog Generator created and named by GPT-4

Like the rest of the world, I was curious to find out how obsolete I could become if AI took over. I would give it two more versions before I ask “ChatGPT, can you write a resignation letter for me?”

I created a bog generator and also asked chat GPT to write the blog about the blog generator. Have fun!

The Birth of St. Genny: A Journey of Creating a Simple Static Blog Generator


St. Genny is a minimalistic static blog generator created with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. The idea behind St. Genny was to craft a tool that enables users to quickly generate blog articles and build a website without the complexity of more extensive static site generators.

The Collaborative Process

The development of St. Genny was a collaborative effort between an AI language model and a user seeking a straightforward solution to generate a static blog. The dialogue-driven development process helped identify the needs and preferences of the user, while the AI provided technical guidance and solutions to address those requirements.

Understanding the Goals

The user’s goal was to create a static blog with a homepage displaying a list of article links and individual article pages. The desired styling was minimalistic, with a focus on content and readability. The user also wanted the generator to be easy to use and maintain, with minimal dependencies.

Crafting the Solution

The AI and the user worked together to develop the HTML and CSS templates for the homepage and article pages. The design was kept clean and simple, with a responsive layout for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Next, a Python script was created to generate an article page from a Markdown file using the Jinja2 template engine. The script also updated the homepage with a link to the newly created article. To ensure that the subdirectory structure of the blog articles was maintained during the build process, a custom Python build script was developed to run the Parcel build command for each article separately.

Naming the Creation

After the successful development of the static blog generator, the AI and the user brainstormed a fitting name for the project. After considering various options, the user decided on the name “St. Genny”, a clever play on words derived from “Static Generator.”


St. Genny is the result of a fruitful collaboration between an AI language model and a user who had a clear vision for a simple static blog generator. This project demonstrates the power of combining human creativity and AI expertise to create unique and practical solutions. With St. Genny, users can easily generate and share content, enjoying a minimalistic and efficient static blog experience.